I love music, almost any kind (though yes, there are some songs and styles and even artists I can’t stand to listen to. Hey, everyone has them). I also love playing different instruments. I used to play the Clarinet in middle-school, Drums are always wonderful and I miss my Grade-school Recorder too, but the instrument I adore? Guitars.

I started my guitar obsession early, as a little kid. It was pure chance someone was having a garage sale and was selling a fingering guitar (Though I didn’t know that at the time) that was small and compact, perfect for a little kid just starting to learn. I bought it and put metal strings on it, and now it’s unplayable. Not only was it old to begin with but I had NO idea how to take care of a guitar and no one to tell me how to care for it or what I was doing wrong.

It was a Global Brand Fingering Guitar (Or maybe spanish? I dunno), apparently they’re quite rare now, but my ‘Baby’ is unplayable and has a bump just below the saddle on the body of the guitar. Baby was falling apart long before I realized my mistakes in caring for her, Peg heads were falling off and I couldn’t afford to replace them so when a peg head broke, Baby got set aside for good.

When I was in my early Teens Mom and I were out shopping when I spotted a Guitar display. They were relatively cheap and I begged Mom until she caved, so entered the scene, Ebony, my First Act ME 301 Electric in black and white. Ebony was great, a guitar I could really play since Baby was ruined and needed some repairs (the bump in the body, the peg-heads breaking off, New Strings) but school got super hard and I almost never had a chance to pick Ebony up to learn how to play. Ebony was set aside, though much better cared for through all of this.

Now we’re at the present day, for the most part. Ebony is still with me and I love fiddling around with her when I get the urge to play, but I found out I much prefer the sound of Acoustics when I found Baby again and even though the strings were out of tune and the body warped from improper care, I still loved the sound the acoustic made.

Two years ago we got some tax refund money, and I found my Newest Guitar love in the form of Autumn. Autumn is a Fender DG-60 Dreadnought Acoustic that has the acoustic sound I love in a full body guitar. I still need to get her a proper set-up to make sure the strings are the right height from the fret-board but she sounds lovely. ❤ Between her and Ebony, I have a guitar for whatever sound I want pretty much.

i still don’t know how to play guitar, or play very often, but I love having them and I DO want to learn, I just lack to motivation. Self-Teaching when you don’t have a clue is HARD.

That said there are some other guitars I would love to have some day…

  • Bass Guitars, Electric and Acoustic (if they make those?).
  • Fingering Guitars
  • Spanish Guitars

and the grandest one of all, the guitar I drool over every time I hear samples of it’s sound…

A Gibson ES-137 Classic Electric/Acoustic blend in Blue and Chrome.Last I checked this beautiful Goddess of Guitars cost around $3-5k easy. So it’s definitely a ‘dream’ guitar. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough money to buy one, new or used, but it’s nice to dream :3

This ramble brought to you by all my lovely ladies; Baby, Ebony and Autumn. ❤