So, I live in an apartment building. I understand the whole ‘paperless’ thing, both to save companies money and to save trees, but when things like planned Maintenance Checks are done electronically, I find I don’t know about it until they’re knocking on the door. x.x;

We used to get paper notices tucked against our unit’s door when stuff came up, like air filter changes, or unit inspections. This time we’re getting the outside of our windows washed, for the very first time in YEARS (Omg it’s gonna be so much brighter in here!) and yesterday, there was a knock on the door. “Maintenance! We’re here to check your windows so we can use a window washer outside!”

A-whu? o.o?

I miss the paper notices, cause the maintenance emails go to my Mom’s account (she’s head of household) and she doesn’t check her email EVERY DAY. (Neither do I, that’s not the issue.)

When Mom went and did check her email for the notice, it was sent 24 hours prior. So… One day notice, IF you get the email at all before there’s a knock on the door. HMM.

I want the paper notices back x.x I know it’s horrible for the environment but gdi this email thing just ain’t working. x.x Gaaah.

So yea. My bed is against my bedroom window, so is Mom’s, and Mom’s crochet station and the computers are in front of the living-room windows. We ain’t moving all that just for window checks. the dudes can work around it. I babysat my Niece until 8pm last night.

The biggest issue might be the spiders. We’re on the top floor of the building, and birds nest up there on the roof, so when they lose a spider, it seems to make it’s home in our window space. I hope the workers arn’t allergic to spider-bites. c.c I got a big wolf spider (I think? it’s only out at night) that makes it’s home in my window every fall and I have no idea where it goes for the spring, summer or winter, all I know is I don’t open my windows cause of it, the living-room windows are no better, spider-wise, neither are the windows in mom’s bedroom. Spiders everywhere! I just hope they don’t come inside the apartment x.x

please no spiders please no spiders please no spiders. They can stay outside where they have a chance of catching bugs, just don’t let them inside the apartment. *whimper*