The day before yesterday, my Alarm Clock broke.

for most people this wouldn’t be such a big deal, other then ‘I need to wake up on time tomorrow so where’s the next loud noisy thing I can put a timer on?’

Not me. I found out in high-school that with normal Beeping/Buzzing Alarm-clocks, I don’t wake up. I sleep right through them without even a hint of noticing them. it wasn’t until I bought a clock that played something ELSE for the wake-up sounds that I finally started waking up on time.

The clock that worked best for me back then was a Timex brand ‘Nature Sounds’ clock. Most of the alarms on this one I still sleep through. I never use the ‘falling asleep’ sounds either, but this clock has this really pretty Church bells setting that gets louder and louder the longer it runs. It was the only thing I could wake up to all throughout high-school.

Back then, my clock broke. It was hard to find a replacement, it seemed like they’d stopped making this kind of clock with this kind of sound. I was lucky enough to find one at one of those stores where they have ALL kinds of lamps and light bulbs lit up and on display. Hanging along the shopping rows or over head.

Present day, My clock with the church-bell sounds that I know I can wake up to, is broken, again. I suspect this has something to do with the number of times it’s been yanked off the nightstand. the wire was wrapped a little weirdly and kept getting caught on stuff that fell off my bed at night (my plushies or my pillow usually)

So now I need to find another one. In the mean time I’m trying out using my phone as an alarm… it’s… not exactly working. I downloaded the theme from Howls Moving Castle as my alarm, and while I do half wake-up to that one, I fall right back asleep. Apparently I still need my church-bells sound. Let the hunt for a new clock, begin!