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Email Maintenance Notices?

So, I live in an apartment building. I understand the whole ‘paperless’ thing, both to save companies money and to save trees, but when things like planned Maintenance Checks are done electronically, I find I don’t know about it until they’re knocking on the door. x.x;

We used to get paper notices tucked against our unit’s door when stuff came up, like air filter changes, or unit inspections. This time we’re getting the outside of our windows washed, for the very first time in YEARS (Omg it’s gonna be so much brighter in here!) and yesterday, there was a knock on the door. “Maintenance! We’re here to check your windows so we can use a window washer outside!”

A-whu? o.o?

I miss the paper notices, cause the maintenance emails go to my Mom’s account (she’s head of household) and she doesn’t check her email EVERY DAY. (Neither do I, that’s not the issue.)

When Mom went and did check her email for the notice, it was sent 24 hours prior. So… One day notice, IF you get the email at all before there’s a knock on the door. HMM.

I want the paper notices back x.x I know it’s horrible for the environment but gdi this email thing just ain’t working. x.x Gaaah.

So yea. My bed is against my bedroom window, so is Mom’s, and Mom’s crochet station and the computers are in front of the living-room windows. We ain’t moving all that just for window checks. the dudes can work around it. I babysat my Niece until 8pm last night.

The biggest issue might be the spiders. We’re on the top floor of the building, and birds nest up there on the roof, so when they lose a spider, it seems to make it’s home in our window space. I hope the workers arn’t allergic to spider-bites. c.c I got a big wolf spider (I think? it’s only out at night) that makes it’s home in my window every fall and I have no idea where it goes for the spring, summer or winter, all I know is I don’t open my windows cause of it, the living-room windows are no better, spider-wise, neither are the windows in mom’s bedroom. Spiders everywhere! I just hope they don’t come inside the apartment x.x

please no spiders please no spiders please no spiders. They can stay outside where they have a chance of catching bugs, just don’t let them inside the apartment. *whimper*


Broken Alarm Clocks

The day before yesterday, my Alarm Clock broke.

for most people this wouldn’t be such a big deal, other then ‘I need to wake up on time tomorrow so where’s the next loud noisy thing I can put a timer on?’

Not me. I found out in high-school that with normal Beeping/Buzzing Alarm-clocks, I don’t wake up. I sleep right through them without even a hint of noticing them. it wasn’t until I bought a clock that played something ELSE for the wake-up sounds that I finally started waking up on time.

The clock that worked best for me back then was a Timex brand ‘Nature Sounds’ clock. Most of the alarms on this one I still sleep through. I never use the ‘falling asleep’ sounds either, but this clock has this really pretty Church bells setting that gets louder and louder the longer it runs. It was the only thing I could wake up to all throughout high-school.

Back then, my clock broke. It was hard to find a replacement, it seemed like they’d stopped making this kind of clock with this kind of sound. I was lucky enough to find one at one of those stores where they have ALL kinds of lamps and light bulbs lit up and on display. Hanging along the shopping rows or over head.

Present day, My clock with the church-bell sounds that I know I can wake up to, is broken, again. I suspect this has something to do with the number of times it’s been yanked off the nightstand. the wire was wrapped a little weirdly and kept getting caught on stuff that fell off my bed at night (my plushies or my pillow usually)

So now I need to find another one. In the mean time I’m trying out using my phone as an alarm… it’s… not exactly working. I downloaded the theme from Howls Moving Castle as my alarm, and while I do half wake-up to that one, I fall right back asleep. Apparently I still need my church-bells sound. Let the hunt for a new clock, begin!

Dreams make no sense

Last night I had a dream that my apartment building, which sits in the middle of down town, was on the edge of a woodlands instead, but otherwise exactly the same.

In the dream I was trying to save a wolf from a poacher guy, along with several other people. We got the wolf free, but once that was done, I went inside to follow the hunter who was after the wolf. When I got inside my apartment building, it wasn’t anything like how it really is. it was more like a fancy restaurant, with chandeliers and all that jazz. O.o weird.

Also, babysitting is hard work. I’m babysitting my niece, she’s a cutie but I had no idea nearly 1-year-olds had so much energy without their naps @.@

More work then I want

So logging in and out and in and out between my linked blogs and my Crochet Blog was too much of a hassle. I merged accounts so now I have my Crochet Account and Blog  linked to my other blogs. Oh boy is this going to be a pain in the neck sorting out the blogroll @.@;

In other news its way too early for me to be awake right now, but I am, so woo. z.z; at least I’ll be able to FINALLY make some progress on my Sonic Plushie, before my day gets too busy.

And I made my first bento yesterday :3 Not the healthiest thing but at least I had enough energy to keep up with my Niece for the second half of the day. X3

and I don’t even know WHERE to start on dusting off my Kemetic Blog O.o I think that one will be a while yet.

With all this babysitting, finding time to read has been replaced with finding time to crochet, so my reading blog is getting dusty. I need more anthologies. @.@; it’s so much easier to read shorter stories while Niece is down for a nap then it is to get back into a longer book.

I guess that’s it for now, I can’t think of anything else to update on at the moment.

A Fresh Start

This Blog has been sitting unused for far too long. I think I got bored with the content I allowed myself to post into this blog, so I decided a Fresh Start was in order. I deleted everything that was here before, from the pictures to the songs to the comments and pages. I think this is just what I needed to breath some new life into this blog.

Sitting here now with a blank blog in front of me, I kind of regret deleting some comments left on some very old pages, but they reminded me of something I’m finally getting over, and I don’t want to be stuck in the past anymore. I’m moving forward now and it feels good.

I have several other Blogs dedicated to Specific things I’m interested in. I have my Kemetic-Pagan Blog (Desert Pathway) that needs a dusting off as well, My Book Blog (Zappy Reading), I have my new Bento Blog (Stormy Bento) and I also have my Crochet Blog (Boo Creations), which is under another account because I didn’t want to mix the blog rolls. That thing is mixed up enough.

I wish I knew how to separate the Automatic Blogroll instead of it being EVERYTHING I follow on WordPress. I want to keep it all separated for each individual Blog but I don’t want to take the time to make a Text List of links and Blogs, cause I don’t have time for that.

So this is still going to be a pretty Random Blog, if it becomes a specialty Blog at some point down the road, we’ll go from there, but right now, Randomness works just fine. :3